Sharps Favorite Cocktails & Drinks

"A big rock, two fingers and a splash." A thoughtfully crafted blend of straight bourbons. Each bottle has our proprietary Savor Spear™, imparting balanced character, nuanced sweetness and geniality

1. The Savor Spear® Sinatra

“A big rock, two fingers and a splash.” A thoughtfully crafted blend of straight bourbons. Each bottle has our proprietary Savor Spear®, imparting balanced character, nuanced sweetness and geniality. The Savor Spear® Sinatra stands as a testament to the intricate art of drink-making, encapsulating both history and innovation. Its name is evocative of old-school charm, reminiscent of the classic style of Frank Sinatra, who famously liked his drink with “a big rock, two fingers and a splash.” This bourbon blend is not just a simple concoction but a symphony of straight bourbons, each contributing its distinct notes to create a harmonious flavor profile. What truly sets it apart is the proprietary Savor Spear™ housed within each bottle. This ingenious addition not only celebrates the spirit of modern mixology but also ensures that every pour is infused with balanced character, a touch of nuanced sweetness, and the kind of warmth and geniality that makes each sip a memorable experience.

2. En Fuego

Savor Spear® Bourbon, Ancho Reyes Licor de Chile, hibiscus reduction, fire tincture. Prepare to ignite your senses with our En Fuego cocktail, a bold and exhilarating creation that delivers a fiery punch with every sip. Crafted with the exceptional smoothness of Bar Boss™ Bourbon, this libation sets the stage for an unforgettable flavor experience. The addition of Ancho Reyes Licor de Chile infuses the drink with a heat that builds gradually, warming you from the inside out and leaving a lingering warmth on the palate. But the excitement doesn’t stop there – our hibiscus reduction adds a touch of floral sweetness, perfectly balancing the spice of the chile liqueur. And to elevate the experience even further, we introduce a fire tincture that adds a dramatic flair, igniting the senses and captivating the imagination with its mesmerizing display. As you savor the En Fuego, you’ll find yourself transported to a realm where passion and intensity reign supreme, where every moment is infused with a sense of adventure and excitement. So, embrace the heat and prepare to embark on a thrilling journey – the En Fuego is not for the faint of heart, but for those who dare to live life on the edge.

Bar Boss™ Vodka mingled with cranberry, fresh grapefruit, spun sugar melted tableside and illuminated by magic ice

3. Skinny Bitch

Savor Spear® Vodka mingled with cranberry, fresh grapefruit, spun sugar melted tableside and illuminated by magic ice. The Skinny Bitch cocktail is a mesmerizing fusion of flavors and theatrics. Central to this libation is the Savor Spear™ Vodka, known for its pristine clarity and smooth finish, which sets the foundation for this delightful concoction. Then, the tang of cranberry seamlessly merges with the zest of fresh grapefruit, offering a burst of citrusy brightness. But the true pièce de résistance is the spun sugar, which is meticulously melted tableside, providing not just a hint of sweetness but also a touch of drama to the drinking experience. This ethereal sugar spectacle is further enhanced by the glow of magic ice, illuminating the drink and casting a luminescent hue. The Skinny Bitch is not merely a cocktail; it’s a performance in a glass, where each ingredient plays its role to perfection, delivering both taste and visual wonder in every sip.

4. Apricot Basil Smash

 Savor Spear® Vodka, apricot marmalade, basil, lemon. Savor the delightful harmony of flavors with our Apricot Basil Smash, a cocktail masterpiece that captivates the senses with every sip. Crafted with the unparalleled smoothness of Savor Spear™ Vodka, this libation serves as the perfect canvas for a symphony of tastes to unfold. The luscious sweetness of apricot marmalade provides a burst of fruity indulgence, while fresh basil leaves add a refreshing herbal note that intertwines elegantly with the citrusy brightness of lemon. Each ingredient harmonizes seamlessly, creating a refreshing and sophisticated cocktail experience that is both complex and approachable. With each sip, you’ll be transported to a sun-drenched orchard where ripe apricots glisten in the sunlight and fragrant basil perfumes the air. Whether enjoyed as a midday indulgence or an evening aperitif, the Apricot Basil Smash is sure to delight the palate and leave a lasting impression, inviting you to savor the simple pleasures of life with every sip.

Housemade huckleberry Crème de Mure, Bar Boss™ Gin, fresh lemon

5. Huckleberry Bramble

Housemade huckleberry Crème de Mure, Savor Spear® Gin, fresh lemon. The Huckleberry Bramble is an enticing blend that captures the essence of lush forests and wild berries. At its heart is the housemade huckleberry Crème de Mure, a luscious liqueur that boasts the deep, rich flavors of wild huckleberries, transporting drinkers to serene woodland glades with every taste. Complementing this wild berry sweetness is the refined Savor Spear™ Gin, known for its botanical notes and crisp finish. This gin introduces an elegant complexity, intertwining with the huckleberry notes in a dance of depth and clarity. Lastly, a squeeze of fresh lemon breathes life into the cocktail, adding a zesty brightness that cuts through the sweetness and ensures the drink remains refreshingly balanced. The Huckleberry Bramble is more than a cocktail; it’s a sensory journey, painting a vivid picture of nature’s beauty with its delightful flavors.

Crisp & Herbaceous; Bar Boss™ Gin, lemon, orgeat and lavender bitters

6. Lavender Seas

Crisp & Herbaceous; Savor Spear® Gin, lemon, orgeat and lavender bitters. Lavender Seas is a poetic potion, embodying both the crispness of a seaside morning and the aromatic allure of a blooming herb garden. The Savor Spear™ Gin serves as the cocktail’s backbone, renowned for its botanical intricacies, and brings with it a crisp and herbaceous character. The freshness of squeezed lemon harmoniously intertwines with this, imparting a zesty vibrancy that’s reminiscent of oceanic breezes. Orgeat, with its subtle almond sweetness, adds a comforting, velvety depth, reminiscent of distant shores and sandy beaches. The crowning touch, however, comes from the lavender bitters. With just a few drops, the drink is transformed, taking on floral undertones that evoke images of lavender fields swaying under a summer sun. Lavender Seas isn’t just a drink—it’s an evocative journey, capturing the very essence of nature’s tranquil beauty in a glass.

Light and dark rums featuring Brovo's Orange Curaçao and Amaretto topped with pineapple foam

7. Classic Island Mai Tai

Light and dark rums featuring Brovo’s Orange Curaçao and Amaretto topped with pineapple foam. The Classic Island Mai Tai is a time-honored ode to tropical paradises and sun-kissed shores. This cocktail is a beautiful tapestry of flavors, anchored by a harmonious blend of light and dark rums that impart a rich depth and warmth. These rums pave the way for Brovo’s Orange Curaçao, adding a layer of citrusy sweetness that tantalizes the taste buds. This citrusy allure is gracefully complemented by the almond-rich notes of Amaretto, bringing forth a comforting undertone that intertwines seamlessly with the rums. The pièce de résistance, however, is the delicate crown of pineapple foam. This airy, fragrant topping not only adds a tangy zest but also evokes the essence of the tropics, making every sip feel like a gentle embrace from a balmy island breeze. The Classic Island Mai Tai is more than just a drink—it’s an escape, whisking you away to sandy beaches and azure waters with every sip.

8. Boysenberry Bellini

Boysenberry, scratch sour, sparkling wine, sugared rim. Indulge in a symphony of flavors with our Boysenberry Bellini, a delicious concoction that combines the exquisite sweetness of boysenberries with the effervescence of sparkling wine, creating a sensory experience like no other. Crafted with care, the boysenberry puree adds a burst of vibrant color and a rich, fruity depth to the cocktail, while our scratch sour mix infuses a perfect balance of tartness and sweetness. Topped off with sparkling wine, each sip is a celebration of bubbles and berries, awakening the palate with its refreshing and invigorating taste. And to add an extra touch of elegance, the rim of the glass is delicately sugared, providing a hint of sweetness with every sip. With its captivating appearance and irresistible flavor, the Boysenberry Bellini is more than just a cocktail – it’s a work of art, a celebration of the finer things in life. So, whether you’re toasting to a special occasion or simply savoring a moment of indulgence, let the Boysenberry Bellini be your guide to a world of exquisite taste and unparalleled delight.

9. Scratch Margarita

Tequila, scratch sour, crushed lime, black lava salt. Experience the ultimate margarita revelation at Sharps RoastHouse with our Scratch Margarita—a bold reinterpretation that shatters all expectations. Crafted with the finest Tequila and our exclusive scratch sour mix, this libation elevates the classic margarita to unprecedented heights. Each sip is an explosion of flavor, as the tangy zest of crushed lime mingles with the smooth warmth of Tequila, creating a symphony of taste that dances on the palate. But what truly sets this masterpiece apart is the finishing touch of black lava salt rimming the glass—a daring twist that adds a mesmerizing depth of flavor and a hint of smokiness to every sip. This is not your traditional margarita; it’s a revelation, a bold statement of innovation and excellence that redefines what a margarita can be. So, abandon all preconceptions and embark on a journey of taste and discovery with our Scratch Margarita at Sharps RoastHouse—a cocktail experience like no other.

10. Basil Blood Orange Mule

Savor Spear® Vodka, basil, lime, blood orange, ginger beer. The Basil Blood Orange Mule is a captivating libation that marries the exquisite smoothness of Savor Spear™ Vodka with a refreshing blend of basil, lime, blood orange, and ginger beer. This innovative twist on the classic Moscow Mule tantalizes the senses with its vibrant colors and harmonious flavors. Fresh basil leaves add a fragrant herbal note, while the tangy brightness of lime and the bold sweetness of blood orange create a symphony of citrusy delights. The effervescence of ginger beer adds a refreshing kick, rounding out the cocktail with a satisfying fizz. Each sip is a revelation, transporting you to a sun-drenched garden where the aroma of fresh herbs and citrus fruits fills the air. Whether enjoyed as a refreshing afternoon pick-me-up or a vibrant cocktail to kick off the evening, the Basil Blood Orange Mule is sure to delight the palate and awaken the senses with its irresistible blend of flavors.

11. Our Scratch Manhattan or Martini

Yes, after 25 years Sharps still offers the original cocktail bargain. Manhattan, Vodka or Gin Martini. For the discriminating imbiber. No returns. The Scratch Manhattan or Martini at Sharps is a nod to the timeless art of cocktail craftsmanship. A quarter of a century might have passed, but Sharps remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering the original cocktail experience that has stood the test of time. Whether you prefer the deep, sophisticated notes of the Manhattan or the clear, crisp elegance of a Vodka or Gin Martini, Sharps ensures that each drink is meticulously crafted to perfection. These aren’t just beverages; they are a testament to a 25-year-old tradition, embodying the very essence of classic mixology. Intended for the discerning drinker who truly appreciates the nuances of a well-made cocktail, Sharps presents these drinks with a clear message: this is the epitome of cocktail artistry, and as such, they stand by their creations with a firm “no returns” policy. Here, every sip is a journey through time, celebrating both history and unparalleled quality.