About Us

As legend has it, my great uncle Jake O’Shaughnessy opened the soon-to-be-famous saloon in Seattle in August of 1897. It was Jake’s intent to provide first quality libations to thousands of Yankee shopkeepers, farmers, drummers, and doctors who flooded Seattle during the Gold Rush. My Great, Great Grandpa was a cheesemaker, my Great Grandpa started the Sunny Jim Peanut Butter Company that my Grandpa ran. In 1974, my dad, Tim Firnstahl, re-established Jake O’Shaughnessy’s Saloon which was made famous by the Guinness World Book of Records as having the largest selection of fine spirits. 

As the business grew, my brother in law, Jason Amador,  joined me and my dad and created our scratch sourdough bakery with his Family’s 65 year old starter.  I am the first female in 5 generations to lead the family business, my name is Merrisa Firnstahl-Claridge, and now it is my turn.