We Can Make Your Travels Better Every Time

“Don’t you just love airports?” is what Nobody ever says. Stressful, boring, confusing, frustrating, aggravating. What’s not to love?

Like you, when I’m faced with a trip to the airport, I try to find my happy place. Those little creature comforts which keep me going in challenging circumstances. Food that makes you smile long after you’ve cleaned the plate. A friendly chat with someone who is simply, nice. The drink that has that perfect something about it. A pillow with just the right combination of fluffiness and scrunchability. These are the things which help me contemplate the prospect of even the most grueling TSA lines. But finding all of them in one place, at an airport, is a challenge. And knowing where to go in an area outside the airport, far from home, is even worse.

When I’m flying through SeaTac International Airport, there’s this place I like to go that offers everything I need: Sharps RoastHouse. Whether it’s to prepare me for the trials of navigating to my flight, or to wind down at the end of a grueling journey, Sharps never lets me down. I’ve been going there for over 30 years.