Sourdough Pasta

How many nearby restaurants can you think of that make their own sourdough pasta? We can think of only one and we’ll give you a hint : that restaurant also happens to be the best restaurant and bar in SeaTac. You guessed it. It’s us!

A chef is standing behind a pasta engine, sorting through some freshly cut sourdough pasta.

Have you ever tried house-crafted sourdough pasta? It’s amazing. It’s chewy texture and hearty structure lends itself perfectly to all of our yummy pasta dishes. We craft our sourdough pasta with our custom-built Seattle Sourdough Pasta Engine, which makes about 100 pounds per day and up to 500 pounds of pasta per week!

The shape of our pasta is called “Scala”, which has ridges and deep grooves to soak up all that delicious sauce. We use our Scala shaped sourdough pasta in all of our pasta dishes. Including our Original Mac and 4 Cheeses, Applewood Smoked Pork BBQ Mac, Smoked Brisket Mac and Cheese, Northwest Applewood Smoked Salmon Pasta, and Beecher’s Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese.