Scratch Food Tastes Better

We are a Scratch Kitchen, and we take that title very seriously.

These days, dining out can feel like a luxury. To tell the truth, inflation costs and supply chain issues are impacting us all in some way. What was once a pretty common occurrence can feel like a really special treat. We feel privileged to have you walk through our doors and spend time with us when we know that you have many options when choosing the best restaurant and bar near the Seattle airport. To have you as our guest is everything to us!

Being a Scratch Kitchen means no cutting corners. Everything from our signature sourdough bread, sourdough pastas, hand-cut-today fries, delicious sauces, scratch cornbread, slow roasted meats, all of it. Everything is made meticulously in-house, with love.

Our Head Baker gets started on our signature sourdough bread every single morning at 5am so you can have that delicious burger bun and sandwich bread (and then, the leftovers are made into buttered sourdough croutons for your salad!) We craft our sourdough pasta with our custom-built Seattle Sourdough Pasta Engine, which makes about 100 pounds per day and up to 500 pounds of pasta per week. Our team of Chefs get our Applewood Smoker ready early each morning so your Prime Rib dinner can be ready by 5pm. Our hand-cut-today fries are cut fresh (you guessed it!) every day for the freshest and most delicious french fry you can find. Our house-made sauces include our famous spicy Blazer Sauce, Bar Boss Bourbon™ BBQ, Bar Boss Bourbon™ BBQ ranch, Guajillo aioli, our family’s secret hot & spicy sauce, Jim’s Drive-In Sauce (aka the Burger Sauce), and all of our salad dressings.

We are meticulous about our food and drinks because scratch food tastes better, and you deserve the best when you decide to dine out!