Is this the perfect Fall dessert?

We’re about to hit you with some Washington Apple Facts!

Did you know that Washington grows more apples than any other state? It’s true! Washington’s annual harvest yields more than 100 million boxes of apples, each weighing about 40 pounds.

Ok but did you know that each and every Washington apple is picked by hand in order to prevent bruising and damage? As in, there are no harvest machines to pick apples. (read: there are no shortcuts when you want to be the best!)

Washington apple harvest season begins in August and continues until early November, which puts us smack dab in the thick of Washington Apple Season right now, making today the perfect day for you to order our Salted Caramel Apple Strudel!

We make our Salted Caramel Apple Strudel with (you guessed it!) home-grown Washington Granny Smith Apples spiced with warm cinnamon. Then, we top those perfectly spiced Washington apples with a brown sugar crumble strudel, and slow roast until it’s baked to perfection.  As if that wasn’t delicious enough, we then top it with our homemade Bar Boss Bourbon™ creme anglaise and a drizzle of sweet caramel sauce.

Phew! Are you drooling yet? Because we are…

We highly recommend pairing your perfect dessert with a boozy coffee drink like our Espresso Martini for a real Fall Treat!