Champagne Mango Margarita: Summer Refreshment At It’s Finest

Alchemy is the soul of our bar. The alchemist is our dedicated bar scientist whose calling is to create and refine our house crafted small batch bespoke liquors. We’re always innovating our menu and are excited about our new Champagne Mango Margarita!

Executive Bar Manager, Cameron Washington,  got the idea from a classic punch cocktail. With Summer rolling in, he knew that this was going to be a fan favorite.

“The margarita has been our number one selling drink since the menu launch. People seem to really like it and the chili mango is delicious especially at the end of the drink, after its soaked for a bit,” he said. “Mango is in season and adds a twist to the classic margarita. With the paprika salt rim and the chili mango garnish there is a really nice savory sweet combination going on, top that with some bubbles and it really sets it off.”

He feels that the time spent on this new drink is what makes it so special.

“Unlike a lot of places out there we hand squeeze our juices fresh daily and you can really taste the difference. A lot of hard work, time, and love goes into our cocktail program,” he explained.


  1. 1.5 oz Blanco tequila
  2. .75 oz Citrus liqueur
  3. .75 oz Fresh squeezed lime juice
  4. .5 oz Mango puree (or any fruit puree)
  5. .5 oz Simple syrup
  6. 1.5 oz Your favorite bubbles

Garnished with salt and a dehydrated mango


Pour ingredients 1-5 into shaker and add ice, shake vigorously, dust the rim of your glass with salt and strain the shaker over ice, top with champagne, garnish with a dehydrated mango strip.

Enjoy the Champagne Mango Margarita with any of our sourdough pastas and hamburgs!