Bodhizafa, Georgetown Brewing Company

Sharps has always been a fan of the Georgetown Brewing Company. Their beers are consistently top-notch, earning both their Manny’s Pale Ale and Lucille IPA a permanent spot among our 25 taps. This last week, our bar manager had the privilege of visiting their headquarters downtown and trying Georgetown Brewing’s Bodhizafa for the first time.

The full-bodied beer oozed hops and didn’t disappoint. Each barrel has been brewed with five pounds of hops making this beer a deliciously hoppy IPA, with a strong citrus background. Its silky pallet kicks in after the first mouthful due to the introduction of oats during the brewing process, creating a complex combination of flavors any IPA connoisseur will appreciate. We were overjoyed finding this gem and am excited to share it with all of our guests over the next few weeks!

– In the famous words of President Franklin Roosevelt “I think this would be a good time for a beer.”