Beat the rain happy hour deals

‘Tis the season for umbrellas getting flipped inside out, frizzed hair, and the occasional dodging of puddles to avoid filling one’s shoes with water. Here at Sharps we want to get you out of the rainy day blues and energize you with some amazing Happy Hour Deals.

Why not wet your whistle with a fall favorite with a twist? Introducing the Dram and Pear with hints of cinnamon, pear nectar made with small-batch Mayahuel Tequila to warm you up. It is just like you’re by the fire wrapped up in your favorite blanket.

If you are feeling a little hungry we like to tempt your taste buds with our new Prime Chop Mac and Cheese or a crowd favorite, our Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich featuring our 12-hour pulled pork. These are just a few of Sharps’ offerings to create that Experience reminding us why we love the Northwest.